5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Kindle

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Kindle - Blog Cover

The Amazon Prime Day Sale has just begun. And, trust me now is the right time to buy that Kindle device that you always wanted to buy! Why? Because you will get huge discounts on all types of Kindle devices. I have written this blog about reasons why you should buy a Kindle to help you out!

It’s been a year since I have been reading on my Kindle Paperwhite device. And, my experience so far has been THE BEST. Kindle devices offer a seamless reading experience, even in the dark.

So, why would I recommend buying a Kindle to you?

Here are some reasons why you should buy a Kindle right away!

#1 – Kindle offers a Book-like reading experience.

“I love the feel of novels in my hand. How will I ever be able to compare that feeling to an electronic device?”

“Reading on Kindle is just like reading the book on our phone. Why should I waste money on buying a Kindle device? Let me just download the app.”

These are the few questions which pop into the minds of all book lovers when they are struggling with the decision of buying the Kindle device. I have been there too! I was too confused about losing that personal connection with the books I read. However, I shooed away all those thoughts and decided to go forward buying the device.

The reading experience was very much like reading physical books. The device screen looks like real paper. You can read your books at any time of the day, be it indoors or outdoors. The glare-free screen makes it possible to read even in bright sunlight. 

You can read books on your Kindle comfortably for hours without having any strain on your eyes. In other words, you would not even feel that you are reading on an electronic device. You can adjust the brightness of your screen according to your preference. In addition to this, you can also adjust the font size of the text in the way that is pleasing to your eyes. 

#2 – Kindle offers you a massive library of books

“I have enough books!” said no book lover ever. We, book lovers, are always wanting to read and read and read some more books. We always have our ‘To Read’ list in our minds yet we look out for more books. In such cases, buying real books is a cause of worry. 

Firstly, the space for storing those print books. Secondly, the costs of buying those books! Kindle devices fix all these worries for you. You can store thousands of books in your kindle reader directly from the Kindle Store in just a few taps. 

The Kindle Book Store holds over millions of thousands of books belonging to various genres. You can download and store as many as hundreds of books based on your taste in books. Kindle book copies are way cheaper and affordable as compared to paperbacks or hard cover books.

Prime members have a special advantage here. They can download all the books entitled for prime reading on their Amazon kindle for free. Furthermore, you can also lend books to your family and friends using the device.

Kindle devices will indeed save book readers from numerous visits to local libraries as all those books will be readily available to you!

#3 – Kindle device is light-weight

The size of Kindle Paperwhite is 6” which rightly fits in your hand. The design is sleek and compact. It is light in weight, lighter than a physical book I would say. I was not really expecting it to be light. But, its weight did surprise me. It is indeed travel friendly.

Most of the time, I would read on my commute to work. I would end up reading the entire book on my journey to office. This would leave me without a book on my way back home. Having nothing to read on my way made me carry two novels. It was extremely difficult to carry two books in a handbag. 

But today, I can carry hundreds of books with me to work without breaking a sweat. Kindle devices are so travel-friendly! 

#4 – Kindle device has amazing battery life

Speaking of portable electronic devices, all of them are operated on batteries. Kindle devices are gifted with extraordinarily amazing long battery life. All you have to do is charge it completely once, and you are good to go for almost a month.

Additionally, if you adjust your Kindle settings to minimal brightness; the charge would suffice for months. It generally takes 2-3 hours to charge it fully.

#5 – Kindle helps you improve your vocabulary

Have you ever faced a situation where you do not know the meaning of some word and you had to put down your book to find its meaning? I personally feel those situations to be extremely annoying. I lose my focus and my flow. It dampens my reading mood. 

Kindle Reader has taken this pain away from me. I can find the meaning of the difficult words I encounter while reading with a tap on the screen. I can highlight the quotations from the book, add my notes as well as share it via email or on Goodreads. How convenient, isn’t it?

My vocabulary has significantly improved ever since I started reading on Kindle.

These were some of the reasons I could tell you why you should buy a Kindle device today. It is indeed a good investment for book lovers out there! There is a huge world of books waiting for you. Buy your own Kindle device today!

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