A God sent Angel

Isn’t it strange that mere presence of somebody in your life makes you feel that life is beautiful?

Isn’t it strange that a simple text from somebody makes your day a good one?

Isn’t it surprising that you can go on blabbering nonsense to somebody and he listens to all of it patiently?

Isn’t it shocking to realise that you miss that somebody a lot more when you don’t talk to him for a day?

Well, that somebody for her was him. No! he wasn’t family.He wasn’t the love of her life. He was a friend, much younger and cute friend.

He was the person with whom she shared her woes. He was the only person to whom she talked.
He was the person who she talked to when she felt low. He was the person to whom she complained about others. He was the person with whom she shared the deepest of her secrets of her life.
He was a lot more than a friend to her.

No, she did not love him.
For her he was an angel sent by God.
He made her feel good about herself.
He helped her with his advices.
He was a shoulder during her lows.
He was the person she talked to when she had no where to go.
A day without a talk seemed like ages to her.
She never ever wanted to lose him.
‘I will never let him go’ she said.

Friends, whenever you face problems in life, God sends such angels to make you realise your worth, to make you feel good, to comfort you, to help you. do nto let such angels go. Treasure them cause you just have one life!  

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