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We are speaking to Abhisar Garg, Founder of InkQuills Publishing House in today’s interview session.

Hello Abhisar. Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Abhisar Garg from a small town Farrukhabad, presently living in the cloud of dreams. On Technical Side, I am a software engineer, presently working with Synechron Technologies, a New York based MNC. I have completed my engineering from IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad. I am an aspiring writer and am passionate about it. My interests in Photography has helped me in exploring the editing skills. I am Graphic Designer too. 😊

When did you start writing? And, what was your first published work?

It was way back when I was in 11th standard, I started with scripting at the back of the notebook. Soon it started taking shape into Poems, then the journey went on from poems to short stories to novellas. The first recognized and published work was in a college magazine. Apart from this, my first short story was published in June 2015 in the book “Album of Hearts”.

You own a publishing house, InkQuills Publishing House. How and why did you start it?

I started InkQuills Publishing House in 2017. Before that I had already worked with three-four publishers on different books and had got an insight into how this industry works. I got a chance to identify the flaws and the points where they lagged. Being an author myself, I understand the struggles and hardships one comes across in this field. So, I started my own venture to establish a friendly zone wherein authors can be open and leave behind all their apprehensions. I started InkQuills Publishing House to help the budding authors to showcase their talent and thus, to get a space among the big writers and in the literary industry.

InkQuills Publishing House - Logo
InkQuills Publishing House – Logo

Having published so many authors, how does it feel?

I never thought that I will be doing this in my life, but yeah It gives me an immense pleasure and feeling of pride that we, at InkQuills, are publishing a lot of people every new day.

I learnt that you have recently written a book named ‘A Girl With Dimples’. Could you tell the readers what the book is all about?

β€œThe Girl With Dimples” is based on my life event. The story revolves around the protagonists Abhisar and Radhika. Abhisar meets a girl with dimples in Kota and learns that she is in the same coaching centre as his. He tries to talk to her and then their story begins. In this one-sided love story, he weaves a new dream every day to be with her for a lifetime. He starts to lose his focus from his studies. But soon gets a grip and starts to concentrate on his academics. So, will they become friends? Will his one-sided love be successful? That’s all I can share, to know more one must read it.

What message do you wish to share with amateur writers?

To all the budding writers I just want to say that you should Write, Write, Write and Write. Never stop following your heart. Feel the vibes of your heart towards writing. Never get demotivated and stay strong even if you feel the ground beneath your feet is escalating. Focus on your writing. Your only competition is you, so improve your skills and read good books. Reading does the 80% work of writing. Be kind and be honest to yourself. Stay happy. 😊

Is InkQuills accepting manuscript submissions? How can a writer submit his/her manuscript?

Yes, of course we are accepting manuscripts of every genre. The process is very easy; they just have to submit three chapters/poems from their book along with the synopsis and their bio for a review on We certainly await your submissions.

The current times have badly affected most of us. How do you keep yourself sane in these trying times?

Literally, in this pandemic situation everyone is highly affected. But for me, it’s an opportunity to do things better. I am having more time to be at home, to be with my family and strengthen the bond. If you ask me how I managed myself, I would say that there is only one thing – I kept myself busy, whether its Office work, Publishing House work, new learning in both the sectors (Office and Publishing Industry). Keep Yourself busy and everything will pass just like that.

It was indeed good to speak to you, Abhisar. I certainly look forward to speaking to you again. It was indeed a great interview session.

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