Asian Winds by Saurabh Pant – Book Review

Asian Winds by Saurabh Pant - Book Image

Book Name: Asian Winds

Author: Saurabh Pant


This book is a vivid poetry work by Indian poet Saurabh Pant that generally covers key Asian issues in poetic form.

An EBook that covers major political, cultural, economic and natural issues- it is a multiple-theme creative work and an optimistic piece for all worldwide and Asian readers.

Priya Verma presents great photos and they are appreciated also by Poetry Ireland through Photo editing chief Gordon Johns sir and Anaya Roberts madam highlighting on the work that make it an equal creative expedition.

From topics that range between Indian Subcontinent, Chinese domination, Islamic religion, Border challenges, Financial and diplomatic ties, oceanic trade and virtual aspect- It is a well worth poetic piece and a must read which is sure to gain reader’s attention.

Ultimately as Asian power rises, it is a well typed work by the author around…


Asian Winds by Saurabh Pant is a good poetry book which speaks about various issues like cultural issues, natural issues and a lot more prevailing in this world.

As the title suggests, this book contains poems about various countries belonging to the Asian continent. The poems highlights various emotions like fear, anger, regret, etc. But I feel these poems did not strike the right chords. I felt like something was missing in these poems. I loved the other poetry collection ‘Warming Fumes’ more than this one.

The use of a few picturesque images also seem to do great for the book. I would like to say that this book was overall a good one-time read.

I rate Asian Winds with 3/5 stars.

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