[Ask and Answer] Interview Session with Geetha Paniker

Geetha Paniker - Author of When I Fell In Love With Life

1. Hello Geetha Aunty. It’s pleasure to have you here today. Please introduce yourself to readers.

There’s nothing much about me, except that I am a teacher turned homemaker who questions everything that the mind can reason.

2. Your book ‘When I fell in love with life’ is indeed inspiring. Your book must have touched a number of hearts. How does it feel?

I really don’t know if my book has touched many hearts. It does feel great to know that it has inspired a few.

3. What is ‘inspiration’ according to you?

Inspiration to me is the inner spark within, which helps me move on in spite of all the challenges life hurls at me.

4. What touches you more- poetry or short stories?

When I Fell In Love With Life - Cover Picture
It is poetry that touches me the most.

5. When did you feel that you need to tell your story to the world?

I started writing about my experiences with cancer in a blog. But the need to tell my story to the world triggered off when I accidentally found my diary in which I had poured out all my thoughts during my treatment.

6. There might be some moments when you might have broken down. What did you do during those moments? What kept you going?

During my traumatic moments I turned to music and reading for solace. The thought that kept me going was the fact that I had to be a fortress of strength to my family who would have other wise crumbled down.

7. They say talking/sharing your grief with your loved ones lessens it. Do you think its true? And why?

I was not one to share my emotions at that particular time, I used to keep it to myself. Yes, sharing does lessen it because it makes your heart and mind lighter. And it does help to move on.

8. What is writing to you? Have you ever faced writer’s block? What did you do to overcome it?

Writing to me is a way of easing my burdens. I pour out my thoughts on paper and for that I have to thank my father who inculcated the habit of diary writing.
I do face writer’s block often. Then I divert my mind to reading books. But mostly nature inspires me. 

9. Are you working on your second book? If yes, give us some insights to it.

Right now, not thought of a second book. I do have a few poems and stories.

10. What would you like to say to your readers?

I am an average human being who goes through all the lows of life. Yes I am positive and don’t allow the negative vibes to dwell in me. I fight my blues because I hate to be a victim of self pity. I find my strength and inspiration to rekindle my inner spark in nature around me.

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