[Ask N Ans] Interview Session with Biranchi N Acharya – Author of Tale O’12


Biranchi N Acharya - Author of Tale o 12

Q 1- Hello Sir, its pleasure to have you here today

Ans- Thank you very much.

Q 2- Kindly introduce yourself to the readers.

Ans- I am a hard core civil engineer and a competent construction professional. Since last 29 years I am executing major construction projects across India especially projects on road, bridge, railway & irrigation. At present I am working as Chief of Operation-Construction, DN Homes, Bhubaneswar.

Q 3- How did writing happen to you?

Ans- I don’t know whether it’s a curse or blessing or an illness for that matter but I have a late night sleeping habit. I mean I can’t sleep before 1.30/2 am. So to pass this time I used to read books in the night till manage to go to go to bed finally. The book may be anything, sometime even text books of my younger siblings or children’s etc. I have also read Ramayan, Mahabharatetc not because I am a theist but because I have to read something to pass the time. Sometime I used have no choice of reading a particular book, then I had to read even books which contradicts the logics stated in some other books I had read. Such wide spread reading at least improved my understanding that every point too has a counter point; every logic has a counter logic. Thus I developed a habit to learn the counter view of a subject. That made me silent listeners of many debates involving whatever issues. In some debates (even with strangers) I use to involve myself just to ask a question or two to correct my understanding. This habit helped me to understand various perceptions of not only our history, mythologies but also on current affairs, politics, social system etc. I used to take part in diverse debates without imposing my view rather to present a counter view. P.Shankar Narayan, a senior colleague of mine once motivated me to write for ‘Letter to the Editor’. We always debated on various issues & he said that I should put my views unbiased in those letters. I started writing but none of my letters were published initially. However after a month or so my letters started publishing in ‘The New Indian Express’ almost every day on politics & social issues with majority of letters adjudged as best letters of the day.

Q 4- When did you decide to write your short story collection-Tale O 12? How did you go about with the writing?

Ans- Sometime in 2013 my sister Tina Acharya insisted me to write in speakingtree.in & merinews.com. Merinew.com is a portal which gives importance to political opinions. As I have a long observation of politics (regional/local/global) & knowledge of history (late night reading of various books including history text books of others up to master degree), I almost wrote an article a day on various aspects of politics, social issues & socio-economic matters. As speakingtree.in was a spiritual platform initially I was hesitant to write anything on it. But then my sister insisted to write short stories based upon my experience in the section of ‘self-improvement’. That helped me & I started connecting my experience with a particular lesson writing in story telling format. That was the beginning of my story writing. In 2014, my sister & some friends (who too are readers) motivated me to compile some stories in to a book. Thus my first book ‘Encounter with Wisdom’ carrying 25 stories published in December 2014. All are short stories having 2000-3000 words including one story of six thousand words. Writing Tale O’ 12 was a sudden decision. My sister intimated that there’s ‘Bloggers to Author’ program initiated by Blogadda.com & I should go for a new book. In two days she convinced me to write around 10-12 stories bit longer than stories compiled in my first book. Thus I have selected 12 subjects which are either based on my personal experienced by or being debated at some point of time & then wrote the entire manuscript. Frankly I wrote the entire manuscript in just a month’s time (February 2016). Then it took around four months for editing by different people including my siblings & the book is published in August 2016.

Tale O'12 - Book Cover

Q 5-Your stories are inspiring. It must be garnering great reviews. What is the best compliments you have received for Tale O’ 12?

Ans – More than reviews I am really fascinated by the compliments from readers/friends for some of the characters of my stories who are real although featured in my stories in different names in a fictional narrative. Snehalata’s compliment is really great. Pijushda (whose name wasn’t changed) appreciated a lot for following his lesson.

Q 6-Are you working on your next book? What is it- a short story collection or a full pledged novel? Let us know a few details about it.

Ans – My next book will be a full-fledged novel. I have around three plots. All three are based on real stories with some fictional touch. The titles of books as of decided till now are ‘Escape from Naxals’, ‘Story of a loser’ & ‘Mistakes of my friend’. First is a thriller about a kidnapping of a senior engineer by naxals. Second is a story of a person who loses everything in his life due to dilemma between ambition & emotion. Third is about a person whose mistakes of magnanimity cost him dear.

Q 7-Whom do you owe your success to? And Why?

Ans – I owe a big part of it to my sister Tina Acharya who made my at least to write and truly motivated me to be an author. Also my wife Mini, my other siblings and my children became a great source of inspiration in the course of becoming an author.

Q 8-The readers would love to hear a piece of advice from you.

Ans – My only suggestion is not to waste time in searching plots for stories & novels. Life is full of stories. Everything happening around us can be a fantastic story. Everybody we are dealing with can be super characters of an exciting novel. If one start narrating stories/novels based on real life experiences, I hope readers will like it.

Q 9-I had a nice time talking to you. I hope we have another session with your next book.

Ans – Sure. And thank you for your interview.

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