[Ask N Answer] Interview Session with Aditti Gaur

Aditti Gaur - Authoress of Adhira
1. Hello Aditti Ma’am. It feels great to have you here today. Congratulations on publication of your novel.
Thank you.
2. How would you describe yourself
(A) as an authoress?
(B) as a wife?
(C) as a mother?
An authoress who plays the character of a mother and a wife in her real life.
3. Could you brief us about your book – Adhira? What is your book all about?
Adhira’s story is about different people living altogether. This book is about her journey of struggles, achievements, responsibilities, passion & love. About how she lost her love and found it again? A story where she realizes that sometimes silence is a powerful indication of something being terribly wrong.
4. The name of your protagonist is Adhira. It’s a very unique name. What does it mean? Why did you choose this name?
Adhira means restless. This name is very close to my heart as well as her name justifies her life itself. Her restless life, her careless attitude towards herself adds more meaning to her name.
Adhira - Cover Picture

5. I could make out from the blurb that Adhira is a strong, brave girl. I also learnt that she puts other’s wishes before hers. Don’t you think such people are often taken advantage of, often taken for granted? What are your views on the same?
Yes, we as a human took that person for granted who cared the most for us. We should respect and value the person who care for us, protect us & love us. We should try to spend some time with them to make them feel special.
6. When did you decide to write Adhira’s story? How did you go about with the writing?
I had a strange habit of writing fictional scenes in my diaries since my school days. One fine day, my husband got one of those diaries and he encouraged me to write a story. That’s how the journey of Adhira started. Now, that strange habit turned into a full-fledged story writing.
7. What was your reaction when you were being told about the selection of your manuscript?
I was happy because I knew that I have to opt for self-publishing.
8. Your book is in pre-orders. It’s going to be released soon. How does it feel?
After the debacle of my debut book which now I pronounced as 1st edition of Adhira, I gave up and decided to quit. But my friend and my husband forced me to re-publish Adhira, again. Tushti & Sandeep supported me thoroughly and that’s how Adhira’s 2nd version has seen the light of the day. I owe a lot to Tushti, Sandeep & Ashish (My husband). As far as we have received 200 pre-orders and I feel ecstatic to know that my readers have poured out their love for Adhira and nurtured her the way I have been doing since so many years. Excitement is running high as the launch date is coming much nearer each passing day.
9. Enough of book-related questions! My next question is – insecurities pop up in almost every relationship. Do you think being insecure in a relationship is a good thing? How can one cope up with these insecurities?
The more we love someone the more we get insecure and the more we get insecure the more we hurt ourselves. So, when you love someone make sure you use your insecurities in a positive way. So that your beloved knows the hidden possessiveness behind your love. Doubts and lack of faith creates insecurities in every relationship. We should learn to love enough so that there will be no scope for insecurities and doubts remain in a relationship.
10. It is said that *trust is like an eraser. It grows smaller after every mistake. * It is also said that *trust is like a glass. Once broken, you can’t repair it. * Which one among these two quotes do you feel is true and why?
I don’t believe in either one of them. I know it becomes very hard to trust the same person who once broke your trust. But, love has a supreme power to conquer all our insecurities, doubts, trusts & hatred among people.
11. Tell me the first question that comes to your mind when you hear –
(A) Life – When we will be able to live the life we want?
(B) Love – Why don’t terrorist start loving humanism?
(C) Friendship – How could my BFF knows exactly what’s brewing in my mind?
(D) Trust –  Will a person ever be able to trust again on the same person who broke their heart?
(E) Adhira – How could one person be so self-less?
12. Tell me the first word that comes to your mind when you hear –
(A) Life – Best teacher
(B) Love – Blessing of God
(C) Friendship – Food for soul
(D) Trust –  A delicate thread
(E) Adhira – A walking inspiration
13. Would you like to say something to your readers?
Write from your heart put your soul in your story and have faith in your dreams.
Keep pouring your love for Adhira.
I had a nice time with you, Aditti Ma’am. All the best for Adhira. I hope to see it in bestseller’s chart soon. Thank you.

Pleasure is all mine, Divya. I really enjoyed talking with you. 

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