[Ask n Answer] Interview Session with Namitha Ks – Silence and Sound

1. Hi Namitha. Please introduce yourself to readers.
    I’m an 18 year old with a passion for dancing and writing, along with an obsession with reading. Watching        and playing football give me immense joy even though i’m not very good at it. I also particularly enjoy spending time with animals, especially dogs. Singing is definitely not one of my talents but listening to old rock for just 10 minutes can help me survive even the worst days. Lastly, I have a major case of wanderlust and that aids in my desire to put my hands into photography.

2. You are in your first years and have come out with a poetry book. It’s quite an achievement. How does it feel?
    Honestly, I still find it hard to believe that my poems have been considered good enough to publish. It puts me on cloud nine to just think of it. It also makes me feel very grateful for the family i have. Without them, this would’ve never happened.

3. When did you start writing poetry? Do you remember the first poem that you had written?
     I started writing poetry when i was 11 years old. Of course i remember my first poem. It was about a few instances in my childhood.

4. What does ‘Poetry’ mean to you?
    Poetry and dance are at the same level for me. They move me and help me express emotions that i didnt even know i was capable of having or portraying. Poetry is a means of letting myself go, putting myself out there and speaking my mind while still being okay with being judged and pointed at and praised in equal measure.

5. How do you manage poetry and your studies?
    Writing poetry is not a forced process. I hardly ever force myself to write about a particular thing, at a given time. Same goes for studies. I find it very hard to concentrate if I dont feel like studying. And since I possibly cannot feel like working and writing at the same time, managing both becomes an easy task.

6. How did your parents react when you mentioned to them about your book?
     Everyone in my family was nothing but supportive and excited and extremely proud of me. Whatever doubts i had about my work was vanquished by their support.

7. Your book must have received a lot many praises in your college. Can you share some of those college incidents with us?
    It was a riot honestly. A lot of my friends ordered the book as soon as it was out. As soon as they got the book in their hands, they started posting pictures of the book with reviews and positive messages. Also, most of my friends made it a point to announce to anyone they saw that their friend had published a book. Of course there was a lot of leg pulling as well. Free copies were asked for and so were autographs. It was an amazing experience for me

8. Why did you title it as ‘Silence and Sound’?
    As a very boisterous person, I know that most people believe that loud people are constantly loud and shallow. But that’s not true. The title represents the fact that every person has opposing qualities. Just because i’m loud doesn’t mean i don’t like silence. or just because someone is studious doesn’t mean they don’t like to have fun and so on. That’s where the inspiration for the title comes from.

9. Every person has a role model. Who is that person for you?
      My mother. She and I are very different people but without her, I wouldn’t be half the person that i am now.

10. What are you currently working on? Can we expect another collection from you this year?
      I am trying to write as much as I can. Probably not this year but I sure do hope that I will be able to publish more poetry as time goes by,

11. Thank you, Namitha. I wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.
      Thank you!

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