Bad Romance by Harshita Srivastava – Book Review

Bad Romance by Harshita Srivastava - Blog Cover

Book Name – Bad Romance

Author – Harshita Srivastava

Publisher – Gargi Publishers


Life is a bitch and I’m one of its victims. I had the perfect life. I was blessed with the perfect boyfriend, a perfect best friend, the perfect set of girlfriends and perfect choice of career. There were some loopholes but then they went beyond my perspective. Overall, I had the kind of life people would ideally like to have but happy times aren’t meant to last forever. Sometimes we feel that we have figured life but that’s something that is never going to happen. You know why? It’s because it has this habit of kicking us right in the middle of ecstasy. No wonder, it did the same with me.

This is my story, my story of that exploration within, my feelings, my emotions, my thought process, my priorities, my conflicts and my journey into the temptation of love, lust, lies and betrayals. This is the story of Kritika and a man who gave her life another dimension, Tanishq. Bad Romance is a story of the complexities of relationships and the trap that a simple idea of sensuality, pleasure and euphoria can put you into. This is a story for everyone who has loved, lost and fought for survival and love, together.


Bad Romance by Harshita Srivastava is a modern age love story. As the book name suggests, its the story of love, lies and betrayal.

I had a couple of other books like Via Delhi, Crumpled Voices to read in addition to this one. However, the blurb of this book caught my attention and so did the book cover. I was so intrigued by this book that I could not wait to dig into its pages.

Story in a nutshell

Bad Romance is a story of a young, ambitious girl, Kritika who comes to her city of dreams to make it big. She desires to become a Radio Jockey while her parents want her to make a career in Science field. She joins her college to fulfill her parents dreams. At the same time, she has not forgotten hers. She always makes attempt not to disappoint herself. And, she eventually finds success in the same.

It is during her college days that she meets Vikram and instantly, clicks with him. She likes his caring nature and his behaviour. Little does she know that her fairy tale love story would be the reason for her messed up life. In short, Vikram turns into a demanding, over-possessive lover in a very less duration of time. Tired of his constant nagging Kritika finds herself growing fondness towards her friend, Tanishq. Will she ever be able to come out of troubled relationship with Vikram? Are Tanishq and Kritika going to end up with each other? Will she have the perfect love story that she always wished for?


The moment I started reading this book, I had known that I would enjoy reading it. The story seemed fresh and the plot seemed unique. However some pages into it, I was convinced that it would be one of those college love story that most authors today write about. I kept reading this book inspite the predictabl story line. But the book did disappoint me.

Having read over 250+ books over a couple of years, I always try to look at the bright side of what the book offers me, what the book teaches me. I also look for something that I can take away from a book that would help me make my life better. This book did offer me a lesson for life – Everything in life comes with a cost. You ought to decide what is important for you before making life decisions.

The first person narration of this story is really fresh and engaging. The characters have been well crafted. I personally loved Kritika’s character. She is bold, fearless and loving.

Overall, Bad Romance by Harshita Srivastava is a one-time read.

Story: 2.5/5
Characters: 3/5
Narration: 3/5

My overall rating for Bad Romance is 3/5 stars.

Bad Romance by Harshita Srivastava - Book Cover

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