Book Review: I – An Anthology of Short stories

I – An Anthology of short stories is published by First Step Publishing. As the name suggests, the theme revolves around ‘I’ as an individual.

Here is what I feel about the stories contained in this anthology.

Amchi Mumbai: It’s Different by Abhishek Agarwal.
The story gives the reader a perfect picture of Mumbai city. The busy life is what that defines Mumbai. The author draws a sharp picture about the life in Mumbai versus that in some other place. Mumbai possesses some kind of magnetism which attracts scores of people. This story will surely make a person (the person who loves being busy) want to live in Mumbai.

The Best or Worst Years of My Life by Dr. Nayab Patel.
This story is about a girl who was neglected, hated and made fun of at school.
I learnt two lessons from this story.
Life is a great teacher. It teaches you at every single step you take. It shapes you into a better person.
Karma never forgets. As you sow, so shall you reap.

The Girl without a Face by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan.
Awesome story! I am left speechless. Surekha is a very brave girl. It takes courage to smile when deep down inside your heart you are crying. I wish this story is fiction. A truly inspiring story for the ones who keep complaining about their lives. My favorite story so far!

Full Circle by Aileen Friedman- Naude.
Full Circle is a life story of a lady. She narrates various episodes of her life. She is home after almost 60 long years. What does she find after arriving? She also searches for her best friend. Does she meet her? This story instills in the minds of readers love for God.

I by Indu Pillai.
‘I’is a roller coaster journey of life. This story is about a lady who narrates to us her childhood, her college days, her love, her wedding, her first child, her dream of starting up an NGO and a hard decision. She is a strong lady. Sometimes, God puts us in difficult situation. It is not because he hates us, but because he wants us to be strong. Lovely story!

The Lost Identity by Lt. Col. Ankita Srivastava.
Nice story! This story is about a lady officer who is going to have a forced retirement. It describes her feelings when her place is being taken up by somebody else. Excellently narrated and inspiring story.

I by Megha Shrivastava Khare.
It’s a story of a girl who is in love with the idea of being in love and has failed in many relationships. The girl is then made to meet a guy to have an arranged marriage. Does she meet him? Will her wish of getting love married come true? A story that defines the meaning of true love. A good read!

Destiny wins over Love by Nehali Lalwani.
Another love story! A perfect narration of love. Story like this makes me think ‘falling in love’ is not always a bad idea. The poem at the end of the story proves like a cherry on the cake.

Revenge by Paras Bandha.
Revenge – a story that made me think. Was revenge the only option available? Why couldn’t the boy file a case against his father’s friend? I know the next question would be will he be ever punished? But then what did the boy achieve when he ultimately received punishment!

Agent of God by Rohan Kachalia.
‘Agent of God’ makes me believe the existence of God and he helps and protects everybody on Earth. He tests us. He punishes us. He makes us unhappy. But never forgets us. He is like sun that sets in the west and keeps us in dark but never fails to rise in the east and lightens everything the next day.

I by Sagar Gandhi.
Inspiring story indeed! Story like this motivates me to achieve my dreams. It creates an enthusiasm inside me and I feel all ready to pursue my goal. A good read!

I: Ella’s Only Story by Shamita Harsh.
This story has become one of my favorites! I cannot believe that a mother can be so cruel with her daughter. I could feel the pain, the sufferings that Ella went through. For a moment when Irene got Ella to Diu, I thought she would sell her off. But Ross gave me hope. Lovely story!

The story of ‘Grands’ by Vishal Manve.
We laugh, cry, eat, drink everyday but there are soldiers who fight for our country, fight for our safety, who are always in the jaws of death. They too have their families, their loved ones but do we really care about these soldiers. This story is about one such soldier. I feel great compassion for him. Nice story!

To make others HAPPY by Abhinand S. Jaguva.
Another inspiring story! The current scenario and status of engineering is correctly narrated. Children are forced to study something they don’t like. This story is very much real. It has touched various issues of our country – unemployment, poverty, discrimination. This story is an eye opener. A good read!

My ratings for the book — 4/5

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