Book Review : Minds @ Work 3 – The Girl Who Fought

Minds @ Work 3 ~ The Girl Who Fought is an anthology which focuses on women empowerment. This collection has 12 stories, each of which is unique in its own way. Every story taught me a lesson for life.
Roop will not die by Dr. Prachi Priyanka.
This story has become that of most of the girls now-a-days. Flirting and sexual abuse is much common. What doesn’t happen is ‘Fighting Back’! These issues get trampled under influnce of power and money. Women safety is the need of the hour! Overall, a good read!
Tabassum – A Smile by Barkha Parikh.
There are many girls out there, in the brothel who have fate as that of Tabassum. They go through all suffering and pain alone. We need woman like in the story to make the life of ‘Tabassums’ a better one. A small help can make a big difference is what I learnt from this story.
Against all the odds but refuse to fail by Elora Rath.
This is one of those stories that make you feel proud. I can actually feel the pain Anshita must have gone through and hats off to her courage. She fought and moved on. This story gives a message to be courageous and strong, no matter how hard life has knocked you down.
Unbridled by Jonali Karmarkar.
Nice story! I found traces of Rani Laxmibai in Janaki’s character. Politics is a dirty business and the fact that Sarita, being a lady, joins hands with Daman to kill Janaki is shocking. Janaki plays brave and finally manages to flee off Daman’s cage. Loved this story.
1… 2… 3… Fight! By Meghna Gupta Jogani.
This story is of Sumi, a blind girl. The story is about her journey towards accomplising her dream. What I learnt from this story is that physical appearance, emotional condition, financial status does not play any role in achieving success. Only thing that matters is dedication and confidence. An awesome story!
The Lonely Widow by Saumya Kaushik.
Loss of  loved ones makes us feel lonely and depressed. Life is a journey and your loved ones accompany you. But when their destination arrives, they leave. That is the real fact of life. There is not a condition or a predefined time that you should set to pursue your passion. An inspiring story!
What’s stopping Data by Lovita J R Morang.
This story is a unique one among others. Data, a small school girl, prefers spending time at her meat shop rather than going to school and Anima, again a school girl, juggles herself between school and her mother’s store. Both the girls possess excellent leadership qualities. And that is what I liked about this story. Their tender age did not matter when they were in business.
Dreams to Successes by Megha Shrivastava Khare.
A truly inspiring story! Kalden, her journey to become a chef and Dimsum & More – everything in this story is just perfect. Story like this compel me to follow my dreams.
I Dance Therefore I Am by Shruti Trivedi.
An inspiring and love story! ‘No person can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ – is what I learnt from this story. Love is a part of life, not the whole. Maya learnt this and made peace with her past. Just as a wound leaves a scar, true and incomplete love does.
Reclaimed Values by Sreelekha Chatterjee.
Sexual abuse at work is growing common these days. But fighting against it is something which isn’t. This story is a mirror image of situations at work places. Every woman must be bold and courageous enough like Richa and fight.
Unique by Dr. Nayab Patel.
A heart touching stor, unique it is! I cannot figure out whether I should feel anger for Karan’s abusive behavior or sad as he could not share his love with his daughter. I feel sad for Karan for he could not see Diksha before death and also for Meghna. The way Meghna brought up her daughter and also made a career for herself is worth appreciating. I loved this story a lot.
Military Tactics by Lt. Col. Ankita Srivastava.
Military Tactics, an inspiring story indeed! Meghna showed tremendous courage in times of danger and handled he situation wisely. Awesome story! It taught me that having courage and confidence can defeat any villian.
My ratings for the book : 4/5.

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