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Book Name: Crossway Bloom

Poet: Arti Rai


Crossway Bloom is a collection of both short and long poetry, laced with artwork that exudes stories of love, romance, nature, nostalgia, hurts, healing, and encourages self-reliance, moral strength, learning, and wisdom. These pieces are based on the experience and observations of the author, duly refined to send a message to the world.

The snippets are written with a layman’s approach and simple language would definitely appeal to the sensitive readers, and strike chords, ask them to ponder and to delve deep into human relations, social taboos, and disparities prevalent in the world.


Crossway Bloom by Arti Rai is a collection of poems focusing on a variety of aspects. There are poems about nature, villages, women and moods.

The poetess has penned down a significant number of poems in every topic. The poems are ranging from speaking about the beauty of nature to expressing feelings. The poems about nature and villages are mostly observations while women and mood depict emotions. Every poem in this collection tries to connect you with something that is missing in our lives. For example – the picturesque nature which we often fail to admire, the simple villages that we do not have time to visit, the breaming emotions which we often fail to acknowledge. The poems speak about all this beautifully. However, I did feel that the human connect was missing in some poems.

The author did another amazing job in this poetry collection. And, that is adding images to this book. It kind of helped me in relating to the poems better. I would like to suggest the poet to add the images at the start of every poem rather than adding them towards the end.

Lastly, the cover of this book is simple yet it manages to capture the attention of the readers.

Crossway Bloom by Arti Rai contains calming poetry that is a perfect read for this rainy weather.


Cover – 3.5/5
Poems – 3/5

My overall rating for Crossway Bloom by Arti Rai is 3/5 stars.

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