Love Story of a Commando by Swapnil Pandey – Book Review

Book Name: Love Story of a Commando

Author: Swapnil Pandey


Riya is a millennial who watches Splitsvilla, worships David Guetta, sways to Ed Sheeran tunes … She knows nothing of passion, agony, gallantry, sacrifice and love—until the day she meets Captain Virat. Captain Virat is a Black Cat commando with the NSG, India’s elite counter-insurgency Special Forces unit. He is swift, sharp, lethal and dark. He has trained across the globe and wrangled with many a dangerous situation. There’s nothing he cannot handle—except his own demons.

When Riya meets Virat at an art exhibition in Delhi, sparks fly, but he then just disappears, leaving her broken-hearted. Riya moves to Mumbai to start afresh, but a different kind of danger stalks her here. Under the burning dome of the Taj Palace hotel, Riya and Virat’s lives intersect once again. Then he leaves … again. Crushed, Riya decides to leave it all behind for the remoteness of a village in Kashmir. But peace is short-lived. The prime minister’s visit to the Valley brings violence, and gunfire, back into her life. As they find themselves behind the enemy lines in PoK, can Virat snatch her away from the jaws of death this time too? Can there be a happily ever after for Riya and Virat?

Love Story of a Commando brings together the mystique and perils of the uniform with an epic romance that must brave the fragility of these present times.


Having received this book a week ago, I was postponing reading it. The reason was genuine. I wanted to pay utmost attention to it. I wanted to have a pleasant, uninterupted reading session. The title intrigued me so much that I began reading the book without reading its blurb. Every time before I pick up a book to read, I make it a point to read the blurb. This time, I skipped it; knowing very well that I would be amazed by this book. But sadly, the book didn’t fulfil my expectations at all. I am thoroughly disappointed with the story.

This story is about Virat, who is in Indian Army and Riya, a girl pursuing her engineering. Was it a mere coincidence or destiny, they happen to meet each other in an art exhibition. Just like it happens in movies, Riya and Virat fall in love with each other at the first sight. They realize that an invisible bond has built up. Riya is charmed by Virat’s personality and so has Virat fallen for Riya. But, they don’t confess their feelings to each other and their love story is left untold. Next, Virat bumps into Riya during the attack on the famous Taj Hotel. He not only saves her life but also, confesses his feelings and makes love to her. Hoping for a happily ever after, Riya is shattered to know that Virat is gone away from her life. She tries to cope up with her loss and fails miserably. She moves to Kashmir, hoping to find some peace to her mind. However, fate brings her back to square one! She meets Virat, yet again! Does their love story have a happy ever-after?

Some of the highlights of this book are –

  • Engaging narration and lucid language. The story has been narrated really well. 
  • The book contains vivid descriptions of surroundings which compels you to paint a picture in your minds.

Speaking about my reading experience, I had high expectations from this book. Sadly, the book didn’t meet them at all. The story starts off with an amazing beginning but as you dive deeper into the book, it turns into an utter mess. There are places where author speaks about the disciplined and strict lifestyle of the army officials while there are times where this disciplined life seems to go down the drain. How ironic isn’t it? Like for example – Virat is assigned to take care of the people and get them out of the Taj safely. Unlike your expectations, Virat meets Riya and they have sex… even in the moment of such threat and crisis. A similar incident happens towards the end of the story as well. It seems as if the author started off the book with a good plot and then made it into a Bollywood movie. Riya, who seems to be very intelligent falls for an army guy whom she has met just once. Does this even happen in real world? There are many unrealistic incidents and situations narrated in this book. 

We, readers, try to relate ourselves with the characters of the book. We try to place ourselves in their shoes and experience their journey. Unfortunately, putting myself in the characters of this book was something I couldn’t do. 

I wish this book hadn’t turned out like this! 🙁

My ratings are – 2/5 stars.

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