Here are my views about stories in The Accidental Anthology.
Life is full of accidents- some sweet, some bitter. The sweet ones gives us memories, happiness while the bitter ones lesson. ‘The Accidental Anthology’ is born cause of one such bitter accident. Thanks to Author’s Ink Publications for providing a helping hand in this ordeal.
I have also contributed a story to this anthology. Here are my views about my fellow author’s story.
Meera’s Diary – Apurva Joshi
‘Meera’s Diary’ is a sweet and cute love story. It has everything- from having a crush to falling in love, from fear of confessing to proposing. The manner in which the story is written is worth mentioning. It’s a simple story yet the best. It feels as if Meera, herself, is talking to you. Overall, a good read!
Aphotic Masterpiece – Atika Srivastava
‘Aphotic Masterpiece’ is a story of a psychopath. The story is very well written by the author. This is that kind of story which makes a reader expect or yearn for a happy end, though that’s not the reality. The story has a very tragic, heart wrenching end. Its unbelievable. A good read!
“Appu” – Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra
Appu is Sahil’s pet. He has been with Sahil throughout his life. The story is about Sahil’s loss. He loses all his dear ones. Loss of loved ones leave a void within your heart and this void can never be filled, neither with satisfaction of revenge nor with time.
Some people enter your life to accomplish some goal. God purposely sends them. Appu is such an angel, the reason why Sahil meets Mr. Goswami. Indeed, a very nice story!
Oblivion – Madhusmita Rawooth
The story is about a girl, Amaira who falls in love with Shrey. Just when I read the first two pages of the story, I felt ‘Oh my God! Another filmy story!’. But I was wrong. This story teaches the reader a lesson.
‘Love is not life. It’s just a part.’
Awesome story! The message at the end is inspiring! My favorite so far!
The Childhood Sweethearts – Miranda Grey
‘Every relationship has a time. If it doesn’t work today, no worries. It will work in future.’
The story revolves around Karthik and Bhoomi. Karthik loves Bhoomi a lot. Also, he is possessive about her. He fears that she might leave him. Bhoomi, on the other hand, too loves him. But it’s Karthik’s behavior and possessiveness that keeps her away. ‘The Childhood Sweethearts’ is a ride of emotions, of love, of insecurity, of longing. I found this story a little boring at few patches.
Second Chance – Samrat Sahu
Everybody in this world, a beggar or a rich, a prostitute or a housewife, a person who has failed in his exams or a topper, deserves a second chance. The story is about Arnav who falls in love with Aisha, a call girl. The plot of this story is quite good but it is not very well narrated. Great try by the author! Keep writing!
Essence of Love – Shagun Kesar
Reyhaan and Kiara, their love, their care will make someone who doesn’t believe in love, fall in love. Happiness does not always be your own. Sometimes, making others happy, seeing others smile, itself makes you glad and saticfied. Awesome story! I loved it to the core! Heart- touching! Finding guys like Reyhaan is very difficult these days. But I wish every girl on this earth is gifted with a partner like him. I have fallen in love with Reyhaan. The best story so far!
The Last Day – Stuti Kumar
Rahul, a spoilt brat, takes his mother for granted. He does not see the struggles she goes through to make him happy. He takes up a decision of joining army ignoring his mother’s plea about not joining. In the battlefield, he realises his mistakes and returns back to his mother. Was it too late to return?
In the process of growing up, we are forgetting that our parents are ageing. They need to be taken care of. They need to be loved. ‘The Last Day’ blossomed more love for my parents in me. Another favorite one!
Mary-Lou – Varina Rasquinha
Just one word – Beautiful!
Mary- Lou, a small girl of 10, stays in an orphanage. She has never seen her parents and calls this orphanage her home. Her love for her school, her love for her teacher, her fear of convent school- verything is excellenty narrated. Another favorite one!
I did, She caught and I realized – Yashika Bhagat and Pavitra Singh
‘Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them’ àBest lines from the story. Jigar did a grave mistake and admitted his fault. It takes a hell lot of strength and courage to do it. Nice one!
My ratings for the book à4/5

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