Technology to Business – The Invisible Gap by Harish Rijhwani – Book Review

Technology to Business - The Invisible Gap by Harish Rijhwani - Blog Cover

Book Name: Technology to Business – The Invisible Gap

Author: Harish Rijhwani


We are living in the digital world. A world of technology. Or is it a world created by visions that are beyond bits and bytes? Bill Gates did not just want to build software. He wanted to put a personal computer in every house. Larry Page and Sergey Brin did want to build just a search engine. They wanted to organize the world’s information. Mark Zuckerberg did not want to just build a website. He wanted to connect the world.

In this delightful book, Harish has laid down the basics of how an idea can be taken from the drawing board and built into a success. He describes how a technical product must not be seen purely through the prism of its capabilities, but its ability to solve a business problem or fulfill a business need.

Technology to Business – The Invisible Gap by Harish Rijhwani is a sincere effort in describing the skills and knowledge one must gain to be successful as a leader in the technology industry. It represents a deeply personal journey of discovery that Harish has undertaken as he has grown in the technology industry. I am sure that you will find the contents in this book relevant and useful in your growth and success.


Today’s age is the age of technology and internet. Everything we do today is somehow influenced by or a result of actions that involve technology. Whether it is buying something or selling services, we are surrounded by technology, internet and gadgets.

Gone are the days when we would rely on paper advertising, fairs, radio and TV for marketing. The marketing dynamics have changed today. In addition to these traditional advertising methods, we have adopted to modern online marketing strategies. Word of mouth does certainly exist today! But the world has progressed a lot in these regards.

In this book, Harish Rijhwani focuses on how we can leverage technology and internet to our business advantage. He takes us through the basics of marketing and helps us understand the marketing principles. He cites examples of well known brands to explain to us the fundamentals of marketing in layman terms. Harish talks about how brands are making use of the internet and technology and churning out their marketing campaigns. In addition to this, he speaks how effective marketing campaigns can help you in retaining your customer.

There has been no brand or company that has not faced negative reviews. The main objective in situations like these is to handle such delicate situations carefully. A negative review can indeed turn out to be good for your company. Similarly, Harish also speaks about how a campaign idea could work for one brand while fail for another.

Harish uses simple, conversing language to explain complex marketing terms. He uses the examples of our every day lives to help us understand the complex topic better. And, this is what I loved the most about this book. It keeps you hooked on to its pages. It is very easy to comprehend. Thus, the narration enhances your reading experience. You will not feel bored at any point in time.

The only thing that kind of put me off is the book cover, which I feel could have been designed in a better way. In addition to this, the formatting of the book could have been done in a better way!

Harish has managed to deliver the right message to the readers via his book. Technology to Business – The Invisible Gap is a must read for all business owners as well as freelancers out there.


My ratings go as follows-
Cover: 2/5
Narration: 4/5

My overall rating for Technology To Business – The Invisible Gap by Harish Rijhwani is 3.5/5 stars.

Technology to Business - The Invisible Gap by Harish Rijhwani - Book Cover

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