The Aravalli Princess – Book Review

Book Name: The Aravalli Princess

Author: Arti Rai


The Aravalli Princess is a good, one-time read for readers who love reading romance stories. The cover has a beautiful handpainted image of a girl. You will instantly feel attracted to this book because of its cover. It gives out that peaceful and calm vibes. It is indeed a nice sight to the eyes.

Moving on to the story, I would say it is just-another-story kind of story that will take you on a joyous ride of love and longing. Sukanya is a young girl born into an orthodox family. Having lost her mother at a young age, Sukanya is being brought up by her father alone. He is strict and believes that Sukanya shouldn’t pursue anything that could potentially bring disgrace to the family. In spite of being raised in such strict atmosphere, Sukany cannot keep herself away from pursuing her passion for writing. On one such occasion, Sukanya meets Eric, who is a writer himself. This meeting changes her life completely. Eric writes travelogue and he wishes to document his journey to this city. He believes that Sukanya would be the best person to help him out. After repeated coaxing, Sukanya agrees to help Eric with his writing. The blossoming friendship very soon changes to love. Sukanya has to choose between her father and her love. The Aravalli Princess is the story of Sukanya’s journey towards making a choice, a choice between her father and her love, a choice to her freedom, a choice towards living her life the way she wants. What does she do?

If I have to be frank, I didn’t like this story at first. It seemed too much like a fairy tale. The incidents that happened with Sukanya seemed too good to be true. However, as I dived deep into the story; it started catching all my attention. I began to look forward to knowing more about Sukanya and her life. There were parts in the story that seemed boring. But then the curiosity to know what happens next kept me away from putting this book down. Sukanya is the bubbly girl in this story while Eric is the mysterious man! It is surprising to see that two people from two cultural backgrounds, two nationalities, two religious beliefs come together in this bond of love. They are so different yet they have something that binds them together. I appreciate the manner in which the author has built up the characters. The narration is simple and it indeed steals the show. I was hooked on this book because of its simple and engaging narration.

The Aravalli Princess is a one-time read which will make you pass through various stages of love and longing. It is indeed a good read.

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