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Just as the name suggests, The Captive by Lavanya Nukavarapu is a captivating read. It will keep you hooked on to its pages until the end. Simply unputdownable!

Book Name: The Captive

Author: Lavanya Nukavarapu


A gripping story of how multiple lives become entangled, when a kidnapped girl escapes and sets the alarms ringing on at least 15 unsolved murder cases, mostly involving female victims. Kruthi Shah, who has just killed one of her abductors and escaped from the wooden cabin, where she had been kept a captive. She makes it her personal goal to mete out what she sees as the punishment to the main captor. Will she succeed in locking him in his own mental cage? Or will she fall into the trap herself?

Madhuri Mahiwal, who’s the Officer In-Charge, wants nothing but justice for Kruthi. How does she balance the explosive truths of the case with her own personal life that no longer seems to be what she had always believed it to be? Dhananjay Bhide’s only dream was to live the life of an honest police officer, in memory of his late father’s wishes. He is deeply affected when he sees a battered Kruthi and vows to bring her justice. How far is he willing to go for her sake?


The Captive by Lavanya Nukavarapu is a crime thriller that will leave you shocked and surprised at the same time. This gripping story will keep you so engrossed in its pages that you will keep wanting for more. You will not be able to put this book down until you finish reading it.

The story begins with a girl walking towards the main road from the jungle in an extremely pathetic state. Extensive torture and pain fall very short to describe her condition. An elderly couple finds her in this bad state and immediately, calls the police. And then begins the investigation to find out the culprits. The police discover that it is a case of multiple serial murders. Every time the police meets a clue and feels that they are cracking the case, it takes a drastic turn. Either the clue leads to nothing or it is a false alarm. The mystery grows stronger and un-crackable. Does the young girl get justice? Do the police actually catch the culprits? Does the captivator himself become a captive? The Captive is story of Kruthi, the girl of iron will and determination. The girl who is ready to do anything to get justice.

I would like to begin my review with appreciating the author for the efforts she has put in to carve this chilling thriller. The Captive, being the author’s debut book, is simply amazing. The author has done the plot, the characters as well as the narration really well. You will instantly feel connected to the characters especially Kruthi. You will discover and know the characters better as you dive deeper into this book. In other words, the characters grow as you read more. The story does not bore you even for a single moment. In other words, it always has something exciting to offer on every page.

The author has written this story in third person narrative. The narration is clear, concise and very fluent. Though the story is being narrated in third person narrative, it feels as if the characters are speaking to you. The story touches the right chords of your heart. You will feel moved by this story.

I loved this story because of many reasons. Firstly, the plot is very interesting. This is coupled by the amazing narration. Secondly, the characters sketching is done very well. Each character is unique and exhibits immense will power and determination. Thirdly, the pace of the story is rightly maintained. And, lastly the story keeps you engaged throughout your reading session.

I always look out for some lessons in every story I read. The Captive by Lavanya Nukavarapu also taught me a few things.

  1. No matter how evil things get or people are, truth always win. There is nothing more powerful and more strong than the truth.
  2. Strong determination and will power can bring around any villian.
  3. There is always a bright light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. All that you need to do is keep marching towards it. So, face the obstructions and problems with optimism.

The Captive by Lavanya Nukavarapu is an engaging read. It is sure to keep you thrilled until the end. To sum up, it is a must read for all crime thriller lovers out there!


Cover: 3.5/5
Characters: 4/5
Story: 4/5

My overall rating for The Captive by Lavanya Nukavarapu is 4.5/5 stars.

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