The Nameless Relationship by Preeti Shenoy – Book Review

The Nameless Relationship by Preeti Shenoy - Book Image

Book Name: The Nameless Relationship

Author: Preeti Shenoy


Some of the best relationships that exist in this world are nameless ones. They crouch behind those sanctioned by society: the legitimate ones, the ones that you can define because they are approved, allowed, understood and normal.

In this finely crafted short story, Preeti Shenoy examines one of these ‘nameless relationships’, peeling back the layers of complexities that underlie marriage, love, desire – and the many grey zones that lie between two people.


The Nameless Relationship by Preeti Shenoy is a short story that is bound to leave you pondering about life and life situations. This story reminded me of Radhika Apte’s story in the movie, Lust Stories.

The title gives you a fair idea about what the story could be. The story is about extra-marital relationship. I believe that we as humans always crave for love. We expect it from the people who are close to us. But what happens when the people who are close to us drift away? Does the love fade? Why do we seek for other options?

Preeti Shenoy is known for her novels on relationships. This short story too speaks about relationships. It hardly 30 minutes read but teaches a great lesson.

My rating for this short story is 3.5/5 stars.

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