The Phone Call

She sat in the verandah of her house looking at the people who walked past her house. She noticed the happy faces of people getting out from their vehicles. She counted the number of motorbikes that proceeded towards the market. She talked to the sparrows on the pomegranate tree. She was amazed to see the stray dogs playing with each other. She stared at the white clouds that were painted on the blue canvas of the sky.

That was her daily routine- the routine that she had been executing since almost a week. She was surprised that she had never observed all these things in the past. her past, the most bitter one, had always kept her occupied in materialistic things. All she dreamt about then was a smartphone, expensive clothes and posh lifestyle. She was enjoying her life when the incident occured. It had turned her life upside down.

It was not long time that she had resigned. At that time, resigning was the most sensible thing she could do. But now she was regreting over the same.

“I should have given it a try.” she thought.

In this era where you see resignations more than vacancies, failures more than success, deaths more than births, she had made a grave mistake. She wished she could go back in time and undo the acts she had done.

“Its been four days that I have mailed my biodata to them. Why havent they responded yet? Why havent they called yet?” She asked herself.

Her eyes were glued on to her phone. Every single time it buzzed, she wished it to be an interview call. She wished that every text she received was about the interview call. She was so desperate to find a job that she checked out the classifieds column of all the newspapers available in town.

And then finally, God answered her prayers. It was the afternoon time – her so called nap time when her phone started ringing. She opened her sleepy eyes and looked at the phone screen. It flashed a call from an unknown number.

“Hello”, She said in a low tone.

“Hello! Am I speaking to Miss. Payal?” Asked the voice

“Yes.” She was unsure about the identity of the person.

“Yeah Payal. I am calling from Computech. We have received your bio-data. Can you come for an interview day after tomorrow?”

“Yeah! Sure!” Payal exclaimed.

“I shall text you our address.” The voice said and hung up.

Her eyes were stuck on her phone. It beeped. It was a text that had the address.

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