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Book Name – The Signet Ring

Author – Kapil Dabur

Blurb –

The plot takes us way back in time, infact to the start of human life on earth as per the Vedic mythology.

It revolves around a brotherhood trying to avenge the injustice meted out to Asuras by Lord Vishnu. And, it revolves around the Ten avatars of Vishnu and his fierce battles with demons during these avatars on earth. It blends Mythology and History with a modern day thriller.

Two story lines run simultaneously and converge over time.

One storyline, strongly grounded in the present times invokes sufficient realism in the mind of the reader, smoothly connecting the reader with the other plot that dwells into the prehistoric times.

The biggest surprise is a character believed to be none other than the legendary Hanuman.

The storyline is etched with significant life stories of some of the most revered Gods in Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and the mighty Lord Vishnu to name a few.

Review –

The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur is one of my favourite read of this month. The book is simply amazing. The Signet Ring is an intense page turner that will keep you hooked on to it’s pages until the very end.

As the blurb says, this book is a mythological thriller that will keep you glued to the story. The cover of the book depicts a figure and a ring. I believe that the cover could have been done a little better. However, this cover does its job quite well.

The Signet Ring is story about the most revered Gods of Hindu mythology. At the same time, it is the story about Kartik, a young police officer and a devotee of Lord Vishnu. It’s his quest on finding the evil minds behind the deadly plague. It’s story about Indira and her belief in the existence of Lord Vishnu. To sum up, this story is about their faith, their trust and their love for Almighty. Are they going to be successful at defeating the deadly plague? Are the evil minds successful at their quest? What is The Signet Ring all about?

I have all praises for the author for gripping storyline and amazing narration. The author has written this book in a very simple, comprehensible language. In other words, it feels like the book is speaking to you. Next, the author has maintained the pace of the story really well. There are no dull reading moments at all. It is all exciting. The story also keeps surprising you at times. And, I feel that’s the beauty of this book.

In addition to this, the story has a lot to offer. Unlike others, the mythological aspect of this book does not bore you. It presents you with these stuff one at a time. A person like me, who has not much knowledge about Hindu mythology, could understand this story so well.

The Signet Ring teaches you that there is no supreme power other than God. It also teaches you that there is victory of truth over lies, good over evil always. You should keep up your faith and do good.

Ratings –

Cover: 2.5/5
Characterization: 4/5
Story: 5/5

To conclude, The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur is an extraordinary mythological thriller. It is a must-read for all mythology/thriller lovers out there!

I rate The Signet Ring by Kapil Dabur with 5/5 stars.

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