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Book Name – The Unexpected Leader

Author – Joel Sadhanand

Blurb –

Ajith, the CEO of India’s most popular coffee chain, Good Morning Inc., is outrageously shocked to hear the pitch from a tech startup: fire all managers and replace them with AI. Though he wants to dismiss the idea, the pitch is ferociously compelling. Before Ajith could take a firm decision, an unexpected tragedy occurs at one of the coffee stores. Ajith loses control over his company overnight. He stages a secretive reverse coup to regain his company.

At the same time, the office of the WHO issues a warning about a global respiratory pandemic to the Indian government, but the prime minister’s office ignores it. Instead, it spends its focus on the developments of Good Morning Inc. Why would the PMO’s office be interested in the incidents of a corporate entity?

Rahul is excited to meet his blind date at one of the coffee shops of Good Morning Inc. What he doesn’t know is that he is just a pawn whose actions are about to trigger an avalanche of consequences in the lives of many people, related and unrelated to Good Morning Inc.

Will Ajith ever regain his company? Will he become the first CEO in the world to successfully use artificial intelligence instead of human leaders to manage its workforce?

Review –

The Unexpected Leader by Joel Sadhanand is an intriguing tale of modern-day entrepreneurs. It is compelling, engaging, and motivational story. Though this story is fiction, I believe that it derives inspiration from many recent events that happened around us. For example – the CCD incident, the pandemic, and there are a few more to list.

Weaving a tale of fiction around the latest events is something that requires a lot of planning and research. The author in no way can write something that could cause controversy. Joel Sadhanand has taken care of that and written this story that I not only enjoyed reading, but also recommend all book lovers to give it a read.

The CEO of the most popular coffee chain, Good Morning Inc, Ajith loses his control over his company all of a sudden. In order to regain his company, he has to stage another company and benefit from the same. He is looking for someone whom he could shadow and be successful at building up a company from scratch. Neha seems to be the best-fit candidate. So, does Neha deliver what she is expected of doing? What role does AI play in this entire rat race of corporate industry?

The moment I read the blurb of this book, I was sure that I would enjoy reading it. Firstly, the story is about Ajith’s entrepreneurial journey towards building a successful brand. Secondly, I would learn some leadership tactics and advice. And lastly, because the story talks about artificial intelligence and how its mere implementation could help in making a company’s processes better.

This book is written quite well except for one thing. The story is being narrated to an employee named Aryan. The narration is not done quite well. There has been a decent shift between the present and the past. And the transition is not done well. It is sure to confuse the readers. Perhaps, this aspect can be taken care of in the subsequent editions of this book.

Apart from that, the storyline is amazing. The pace of the story is rightly maintained. Every page of this novel will entertain you. It is an engaging read.

Ratings –

Cover – 3/5

Characters – 4/5

Story – 4/5

I would rate The Unexpected Leader by Joel Sadhanand with 4/5 stars.

The Unexpected Leader by Joel Sadhanand - Book Cover

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