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Book Name: The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons

Author: Paras


It is a short story book that has characters from all walks of life, many of them, we may even have come across. A boy who is an amputee, highs and lows of friendship, a guy who leaves home and joins eunuchs, home-maker suffering from domestic violence, travel restrictions during covid-19, the life and struggle of someone in prostitution, an insane doctor, mother-son relationship, and so on. The pandemic (Covid-19) has taken numerous lives but have you ever heard of giving a life to someone? Love is blind, but what’s the maximum extent, is it Prostitution? Do you want to be a Doctor, Scientist, Businessman but do you want to be a member of the eunuch homes?

“Hope” is the only intangible asset that never lets you down. Old age parental care is tough but it leads to murder, find out how? Kindness always pays in the long run, but Beware it can be hazardous sometimes. ‘Rape’ is the only word that horrifies, but what if the protagonist was a child? Love bites are never the omen of love. Are you keen to read more about these dynamics? Find out for yourself!


The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons by Paras is a collection of intriguing stories that speak about the best and worst side of humans. These stories are about adverse situations that can bring out the worst in the characters. These people are from different walks of life and these stories seem that they are inspired by real-life incidents.

The stories in this collection will make you ponder and think about how unpredictable life really is. The highs and lows of life have the power to change you completely. This story collection is a perfect blend of emotions and feelings. These stories depict the raw feelings of the characters. And, it is done amazingly well.

The stories are engaging and it will keep you hooked on to them. The narration has been done well and the language is lucid. The cover, I feel, could have been designed in a better way. Also, I noticed a few grammatical errors in a few stories. The editing could have been done better.

Overall, The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons is a good, one-time read.


Cover: 3/5
Stories: 3/5

I rate The Untold Tales: Love and Other Demons with 3/5 stars.

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