This is what I feel about STRI

STRI is an anthology having stories of womanhood. It is published by Numeric Publications. Here are my views.
Breaking the curse – Divya Chauhan
The story is very well narrated. I, myself did not know about infibulation! The pain that Abeba goes through after the process is very well explained. ‘Becoming a mother’ is the most beautiful feeling in the world for any girl. What exactly happens when this dream is shattered is excellently narrated. Abeba, her realizations and her work towards betterment and awareness is indeed worth praising.
It is sad to know that inspite of being such modern and having tremendous developments in technology, such a ritual exists in the society. This story serves as a mirror.
The Pregnant Teenager – Isha Sharma
Girl and Boy love each other-They get physical-Girl gets pregnant-Girl tells the news to Boy-Fights-Breakup-End of story à This is the story of most teenagers in the world.
They say gender discrimination has been completely eradicated from the face of the earth. Then why is the girl who is pregnant out of wedlock considered sinned? Why is single mother always considered as available? Why is such a girl looked down upon by the society? Many such questions arise in our minds. This story is an answer to all those questions.
Women are considered as weak. The Pregnant Teenager depicts the women power. The girl’s pain throughout her pregnancy and her struggle for justice is nicely narrated. However, I felt that a little more account on the court case would have made the story better.
God never makes any of his children unhappy. The ‘Happy Ending’ of this story proves it.
 The Lady in Green Saree – Abhijit Narayan
The story is very well written. Excellent characterization!
‘What could possibly be the problem with the lady?’ is the question that crosses our mind towards the end. I am still thinking of the reason!
Vaidehi – Rajni Sinha
‘Before the truth knocks at your door, the rumors make their tour through the town.’
It has been a customary that the husband usually supports his wife in family quarrels. It is the mother-in-law who plays the villain. ‘Vaidehi’ is an entirely different story. This story is surely going to make all the girls out there to wish for a mother-in-law like Mrs. Sahay.
I loved the simple way of narration!
Krishna Wedding – Chittra M
Excellent story and excellent narration!
The excitement in the beginning of the story is very well narrated. One cannot guess what will happen next. The mystery unfolds towards the end!
Nice story!

The Nemesis – Miranda Grey
Awesome story!
‘You are a girl! You should not remain outdoors!’
‘You are a girl! You should not attend late night parties!’
This is what most girls hear!
The story begins with a scene where Trishna is praised. Why is she praised? What is her journey all like? The story is a roller coaster ride of struggles and achievements.
Indeed, Worth read!
Spider’s Web – Dipesh Shah
Prostitution is indeed a cob web. It’s not the choice but circumstances that forces girls in to it!
Nice story!

Her Divine Forgiveness – Nikhat Abbasi
Womanhood = perseverance, sacrifice and love à The best definition of womanhood so far.
Amazing story! It made me feel like going camping to Andaman! The beauty of the place is nicely described. The woman’s loss and the way she dealt with the loss is mindblowing.
A good read!

The Refusal – Madhusandhya Das
‘The Refusal’ seems like a true story as I have read about many such incidents.
Just because one cannot digest a refusal, it does not mean that one can harm/ defame that person. Nina’s neighbor, Veer says that he loves her. Is harming your lover a way to express love?
This story should be read by all lovers out there who think that ‘Harming/ Defaming’ is a way to win your lover! Love lies in your lover’s happiness and not in your own.
Simple narration but nice!

The Inheritance of Loss – Shreya Ganguly
This story brought tears in to my eyes. Since this is a true story, my heart aches for Pari. And I feel proud that she has stood up all by herself throughout the difficult situations in her life.
Hats off to Pari!

Charlatan – Kumar Vikrant
Zoya is an angel. I loved the way she helped Nidhi.
Awesome story! People like Zoya make me believe that humanity still exists! A wonderful read!

Revenge from Destiny – Divisha Jain and Abhishek Chawla
Awesome lines from this story:
‘Women are like tea-bags. They do not know their strength until they are in hot water.’
Nice story! The manner in which Aradhya climbs the ladder of success is nicely narrated. An inspiring story indeed!

The Orphan – Amit Pandey
‘Are they not human?’ – This question in the end makes me think.
The story was nice. However, I got confused with the characters in between.
Prostitution has become a matter of concern now. It needs to be stopped. Good work!
Under the new sun – Vibha Sharma
Lovely story!
Medha is a strong woman. Her struggle, her sacrifice is worth praising. It feels proud to see that a teenager like Medha has such mature thoughts. She has not only got Vasudha out from that brothel but also shaped her life positively.
Great work!

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