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Book Name: Vitamin H

Author: Abhishek Deepa Thakkar


Filled with capsules of optimism and hope, Vitamin H is a collection of thoughts, suggestions and advice for the young at heart to nurture their minds and refresh their spirit. It aims to elevate the lives of people by fostering inner confidence and strengthening their faith.

In a turbulent and chaotic world, people are in dire need of words of motivation and inspiration.

Vitamin H by Abhishek Deepa Thakkar provides the much needed therapy which will successfully cure the diseases such as negativity, pessimism, cynicism, and envy. It will awaken the dreamer within you and help you achieve the seemingly impossible.


What is happiness? Is it a journey or a destination? Why is it that everyone is seeking it, yet unable to have it completely? Why does it always come in bits and parts? These are the questions that we generally ask ourselves. The answers to which we rarely get.

Out of all the self-help books that I have read so far, I have understood that happiness is a feeling. It is something that you have to find within yourself. Contentment and satisfaction are major pillars of happiness.

When I received this book, I was sure of one thing. It was that I am going to enjoy reading it. I am going to take something with me for life even after many months of reading it. I was excited to read it. And, I chose morning time to read it. Guess that was one of the good decision I made.

This book by Abhishek Deepa Thakkar consists of quotes that will help you live a happy life. These quotes will make you ponder about your situation and how you deal with them. The quotes are inspiring and motivational. These quotes talk to you and advice you. It’s like a therapist who could help you curb emotions such as anger, hatred, negativity and a lot more.

Vitamin H by Abhishek Deepa Thakkar helps you look at your lives in an optimistic manner. It promotes healthy mindsets and lights a ray of hope.

I would rate this book with 4/5 stars.

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