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Book Name – Vitamin H (Volume 3)

Author – Abhishek Thakkar

Blurb –

The human mind has immense potential to transmute hell into a paradise or an Elysium. Humanity has been gifted with such miraculous potential which can be utilized to achieve integrated success or spiritual success that can benefit the entire universe and all of its inhabitants. Swami Vivekananda and Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda have reminded us time and again that human beings cannot know true happiness without knowing God and without knowing one’s Self.

This book is a compendium of nuggets of wisdom and the author’s recollection of epiphanies that will empower you, motivate you, and awaken the giant within you. It will aid you in discovering the true purpose of human life and bequeath you infinite bliss.

Review –

Vitamin H (Volume 3) by Abhishek Thakkar has come up with a new volume for this Vitamin H series. I could not contain myself from digging in into this book. I loved Vitamin H Volume 1 and Volume 2 very much for the inspiration and motivation it spreads in the minds of the readers. I started reading Vitamin H Volume 3 with the same motive.

As the name suggests, Vitamin H Volume 3 speaks about life and life lessons. It speaks about positivity and optimism. It delivers a dose of positivity via inspirational quotations. This book helps you dive deeper into your conscience and bring about happiness and satisfaction in your life. The right and the wrong, the good and the evil, the optimism, and the pessimism, varies from person to person. What could be right for you might not be right according to your friend. So, before judging anything or anyone, you should bring about a change in your thought process. You should also be more accepting as an individual.

Through this book, Abhishek Thakkar brings about a change in the way a person looks at things. He tries to bring in positivity and motivation. He tries to bring in a purpose for life by impacting the way you think and perceive things. Vitamin H is the best dose of motivation and inspiration one could get!

Ratings –

Cover – 2.5/5

I rate Vitamin H by Abhishek Thakkar with 4/5 stars.

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