Without You by Preethi Venugopala – Book Review

Without You by Preethi Venugopala - Book Image

Book Name: Without You

Author: Preethi Venugopala


Dr. Arjun enters Ananya’s life like a whirlwind, bringing with him the spirit of young love.

Does the path of true love ever run smooth?
Circumstances force them apart even though they were irrevocably in love. She becomes a victim of depression. When everything fails to return her to normalcy, help arrives from an unexpected source.

Will she ever find happiness again?
Will time allow her heart to heal and forget Arjun?
What indeed is true love?
What is that strange secret that locks all the circumstances together?

Travel with Ananya to the picturesque Sreepuram, face the chaos of Bengaluru, and relish the warmth of magical Dubai in this heartwarming tale of love, betrayal, friendship, and miracles.


I read Preethi Venugopala’s book ‘Without You’.And, here is my review.

I was intrigued by the cover and title of this book. The cover and title was the main reason why I picked up this book on Kindle. The silhouette of a girl on the cover image catches your attention. The colors used to design this cover are amazing. They have a calming effect on your eyes. I believe that the cover and the blurb give out similar vibes. It’s like they are in sync.

Moving on further, the plot has been set in picturesque village of Sreepuram, the busy city of Bangalore and the amazing Dubai. Ananya, a young girl studying engineering visits her grandmother’s place during her vacations every year. That year as well, Ananya visits her grandmother’s place during her vacations. Little did she know that her life would change completely after that visit. She is introduced to Dr. Arjun, a charming, handsome doctor. She experiences a strange yet sweet attraction towards him. It’s love at first sight for her. The situation with Arjun is also the same. He is mesmerized by Ananya. Ananya’s grandmother learns about their love for each other and plays the cupid. Their fairy-tale love story comes to an end very soon. Ananya is left devastated. She contemplates suicide. Does Arjun realises and acknowledges her love again? Was it really love? Without You is a tale of love, longing, hope and separation. It is sure to tug your hearts and leave you wanting for more.

The author paints a beautiful picture of the town of Sreepuram in the minds of the readers through her amazing narration. I began to visualize the town in my mind as I proceeded with the reading. There are very less number of authors whose writing has such effects on the minds of the readers. Preethi Venugopala is surely one among them. Moving on to the story, the story line is simple; there aren’t many twists and turns in this story. This was one of the reasons why I loved reading this book. The narration is realistic and engaging. The author knows how to play around with words. She has done an amazing job. I could relate to everything. Throughout my reading session, I could feel like I was watching some movie.

‘If its meant to be, it will be.’ I am a firm believer of this thought. This story also speaks the same. If two souls are tied by destiny, then no force on earth can pull them apart. This story instills the feeling of true love in the minds of the readers. There were some incidents in this story that seemed like a Bollywood movie. But, my overall reading experience was pleasant.

Let this book be your companion on a lazy sunday afternoon.

My ratings go as follows-

Cover: 4/5

Characters: 3/5

Story: 3/5

My overall rating for Without You by Preethi Venugopala is 3.5/5 stars.

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